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"Starring you!"
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Wow guys, thanks so much for the 10,000 hits to my DA page! :D To think I only had under 4,000 before I started TF2 related stuff. So thank you very much guys, much love to all of you. Here's to the next 10K :D (A SFM poster to follow soon)

Thank you again and have a kickass day!


Lian2's Profile Picture
Lian Walsh
United Kingdom
Credit to Britty-Neko for the avatar picture :D

What can I say about me? Well, I'm a 19 year old autistic guy. My favourite things include cosplaying, Team Fortress 2, wrestling, football and even steam trains, believe it or not!! I'm a guy that loves his music, particularly rock and metal, and a big fan of unknown/uncopyrighted bands such as the awesome Ravenface.

I'm also affectionately referred too as Scout by friends and my girlfriend

If you ever wanna talk to me? Feel free! Don't be afraid or nothing, I like talking to people whenever I can. So if you wanna chat via the comment section or in notes, go for it. Would love to hear from ya!

I'm also up for RP'ing too, I wanna try out a TF2 based RP if at all possible, never tried a TF2 one before, so it could be interesting. So if you wanna RP with me, drop me a message.

I can also be caught at Steam, if you wanna talk, RP, share some ideas or want someone to be crazy with, then come and talk to me! The names Velocityblaze, hope to hear from ya! (As a note, please do send me a note so I know who you are first XD )


[SFM] Duet by Lian2
[SFM] Duet
This? I have no idea where this idea came from, but I'd say this turned out rather well. The lighting surprisingly fell into place nicely and I'm really happy with their facial expression in this pic. I suppose some more posing practice will be in order in the near future.

So yeah, decided to have Scout and Miss Pauling sing a duet, what song are they singing? I'll leave that up to you to decide
[SFM] Not Your Average City Boy by Lian2
[SFM] Not Your Average City Boy
Decided to try out most of the Scout Pilgrim cosmetics for this one, for a new Scout OC. The jacket was very difficult to work with. And as you can see, there's clips all over the shop on the sleeves, but I'm going to incorporate that into the character, that he has a ripped up jacket to add to his rebel persona
[SFM] Cheer Up, Kiddo by Lian2
[SFM] Cheer Up, Kiddo
"I'm sure you gonna be fine, chin up, okay?"

Currently got something potential deadly serious going on and it's been a bit depressing to deal with lately. I will explain later in due course. Made this for a friend actually. With Elizabeth representing her. (She cosplays her too, so that kinda was the game changer there :P ) She's been cheering me up and keeping my spirits surprisingly high. So thank Rosie =D

Also, the poster itself, I surprisingly love it. Every came out how I wanted it, just about exactly everything. Probably the best thing I've churned out in my 3 months of SFM work. Enjoy! =)

EDIT: After it's been noted, this picture was a bit too bright, so I've gone back and decreased the light to make the picture stand out a bit more. It reverted the headband back to red, but I'll leave it like that for now.
[SFM] Long Journey Home: Co-Workers by Lian2
[SFM] Long Journey Home: Co-Workers
Third and final part to the Long Journey Home picture series

Decided to do a part with a Medic and Heavy for a change. I found this Medic model much easier to work with than some of the other models around actually, quite enjoyed making this part of the picture. Enjoy :D

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