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  • Mood: Annoyed
  • Listening to: Love and Death - Meltdown
  • Reading: Dance of Cloaks
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This is for if your in a TF2 match with me on your team, and I'm a Medic.

If you have low health and I race to heal you, yet you run away from me like I have the plague, then call for medic and run away the second I get within 6 yards of you so I'm unable to heal you, then you can fuck the hell off. I refuse to heal people that need healing, but leg it from me, end up getting me killed and then blame ME for the loss, those people to get fucked!

Sorry for ranting, just HAD to get that off my chest.


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Lian Walsh
United Kingdom
Credit to Britty-Neko for the avatar picture :D

What can I say about me? Well, I'm a 19 year old autistic guy. My favourite things include cosplaying, Team Fortress 2, wrestling, football and even steam trains, believe it or not!! I'm a guy that loves his music, particularly rock and metal, and a big fan of unknown/uncopyrighted bands such as the awesome Ravenface.

I'm also affectionately referred too as Scout by friends and my girlfriend

If you ever wanna talk to me? Feel free! Don't be afraid or nothing, I like talking to people whenever I can. So if you wanna chat via the comment section or in notes, go for it. Would love to hear from ya!

I'm also up for RP'ing too, I wanna try out a TF2 based RP if at all possible, never tried a TF2 one before, so it could be interesting. So if you wanna RP with me, drop me a message.

I can also be caught at Steam, if you wanna talk, RP, share some ideas or want someone to be crazy with, then come and talk to me! The names Velocityblaze, hope to hear from ya! (As a note, please do send me a note so I know who you are first XD )


[SFM] Talk The Night Away by Lian2
[SFM] Talk The Night Away
Wahey! Look who's back, it's Honeybee! Realised I haven't done enough posters of me and her, so here I've decided to rectify that problem. I'd say the lighting came out really well, with the only exception that it put Honeybee's brown hair completely out of whack so it's half grey and half brown.

As for problems? I can see a few already. The Panic Attack is clipping slightly through the Bonk cooler and that back wall has no light at all, making this lighting seem pretty unnatural. These will be updated in due course, so don't worry viewers, I'll be on the case of solving this :)
[SFM] Late Shift by Lian2
[SFM] Late Shift
More SFM shenanigans going on here.

Decided to make an office themed poster this time around, a lot of stuff has been included for scene building (A stack of newspapers which look like white folders, the cup of coffee, her diary for obvious reasons and that R.E.D team's poster on the wall). The sunset look works really well in helping signify that Miss P's on the late shift. Also, more use of the rule of thirds.
[SFM] Friendship by Lian2
[SFM] Friendship
Decided to go with something a little different here, by having a Scout and Spy be friends. Jex the Scout makes his second appearance in my work, along with the first appearance of Le Tallec the Spy. Le Tallec being the only Spy that Jex gets along with.

Tell me what you think of it, look forward to hearing from you :)

Also a small note: Can anyone tell me how to remove the cigar from Spy's mouth? The HWM file said it was not equipped but it was still there. If anyone can help me out with this, that would be a great help.

UPDATE!: Changed the lighting and some hand positions on this one. Took the rule of thirds into account with the new camera angle and all that jazz, enjoy.

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