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  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: Rosabella - Walk Away
  • Reading: TF2 comic "A Cold Day In Hell"
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  • Eating: His own tongue
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I've just tried uploading one pic to DA in the last 5 minutes and it's absolutely refused to upload it no matter how many times I try. It comes up with unknown error every time. Whats more, whenever I delete some messages from my inbox, DA will put them back in there for no reason, so I have to delete some messages about 5 times before it goes away. Once again, it's coming up with the unknown error excuse. Is anyone else suffering from this? Or just me?


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Lian Walsh
United Kingdom
Credit to Britty-Neko for the avatar picture :D

What can I say about me? Well, I'm a 19 year old autistic guy. My favourite things include cosplaying, Team Fortress 2, wrestling, football and even steam trains, believe it or not!! I'm a guy that loves his music, particularly rock and metal, and a big fan of unknown/uncopyrighted bands such as the awesome Ravenface.

I'm also affectionately referred too as Scout by friends and my girlfriend

If you ever wanna talk to me? Feel free! Don't be afraid or nothing, I like talking to people whenever I can. So if you wanna chat via the comment section or in notes, go for it. Would love to hear from ya!

I'm also up for RP'ing too, I wanna try out a TF2 based RP if at all possible, never tried a TF2 one before, so it could be interesting. So if you wanna RP with me, drop me a message.

I can also be caught at Steam, if you wanna talk, RP, share some ideas or want someone to be crazy with, then come and talk to me! The names Velocityblaze, hope to hear from ya! (As a note, please do send me a note so I know who you are first XD )


[SFM] Ready For Winter! by Lian2
[SFM] Ready For Winter!
Since the clocks go back in about 5 days, I've decided to update my TF2sona to a winter attire he'll be wearing until March (Or whenever I get bored of it) Decided to hop on the bandwagon of using the Thirst Blood too, as a small celebration thing as Honeybee is letting me grow my hair back out again XD (She hates long hair on guys so meh)

But anyways, I'm ready for winter, what about you? =D
[SFM] Khloe's Back! by Lian2
[SFM] Khloe's Back!
Looks who's back after her month hiatus, it's Khloe Wales! :D

Since she's been gone, I had been thinking of revising her look, so I've cut her hair shorter and ditched the hat and given her a new dress thing. She's more confident in herself now after meeting Brendan the Spy, so she stutters less too. But she is often still her shy cutie self! :D

So yeah, welcome back Khloe guys! :D
[SFM] Things Like That... by Lian2
[SFM] Things Like That...
"You know, there's many things that make me glad respawn exists..."

*Get rifle point to my head*

"Things like that..."

Here is my foray in a terrible attempt at comedy! Had this idea in my head for ages so I've given it a shot :P

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